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Pairing Art and Tea. Mary Mitsuda (Oahu) & Bungalow (Darjeeling 1st and 2nd flush)

Seasonally, we feature an artwork that describes the atmosphere in the design studio. We then pair a tea that highlights the art. They're better enjoyed together. ​

Mary Mitusda, Conceal-Reveal-III, 36" x 24", acrylic on panel. Mary Mitsuda is a contemporary artist on Oahu. Mitsuda is a rare human being: her extraordinary talent is completely met by her magnetic yet unassuming character. Her pieces are included in public collections at the Four Seasons Wailea, Ritz Carlton, Hawaii State Foundation & The Contemporary Museum on Oahu; we're not alone in our strong feelings towards her work. Standing in front of Conceal-Reveal-III, I'm delivered to that moment when the film reel ends and the audience is silenced, breathing in unison. There's a light flickering on the video camera, reminding me that we're in the room together, but half of our consciousness has paused, captured somewhere in time. Her meditative-painterly gestures repeated over the span of the panel, bleed together and yet hold isolated fascination, simultaneously drawing the viewer in and pulling the gaze to a distance . Perhaps, as with anything, the longer you sit with her work, the more it opens up, reiterating Mitsuda's quote: "A quiet gaze turns the key". Indeed.

The tea that you should be sipping while viewing her artwork in person (or online), Bungalow - by Steven Smith Teamaker. A blend of first and second flush Darjeeling. It's verdant, alive, with deeper earthbound undertones. Steep it to its full infusion, don't be tempted to pull it before the leaves have completely unfurled. This painting matches the tea in its myriad of forms, and the darker notes are an important aspect to its brightness. Artist: Mary Mitsuda Tea: Steven Smith Teamaker

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