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Primal Pathways Eco Tourism



Project: Product design, website. 
Role: Design Research and UX Design
Team: Solo

Platform: Web

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop


Brent H. (Founder, head guide) at Primal Pathways is looking to revamp their current website. The company needs to improve its user flow and information architecture, as the demand for various services grow. With a deeper understanding of the product design, we can access drop-off rates and better serve users in their booking experience. 

The Challenge: Primal Pathways has expanded  and now encompasses many different spheres within the safari industry. It's clear that the site needs to echo this expansion while refining the site's architecture. As a stretch goal, Primal Pathways (P.P.) is aiming for transparency in its dedication to social impact, finding ways to empower those on the ground making eco-tourism and conservation a real possibility. The starting point here, is offering a spotlight on the Zambian staff who work at Mwaleshi, in the North Luangwa Valley. 

The Solution: Via user-research and testing, as well as improved I.A. and product design, we can provide a smooth customer journey. This impacts the reach of conservation and eco-systems awareness.

COMPLETION SCHEDULED: 30th November, 2019

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