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Lauren Harris

Artist Bio

“The importance of art is not to replicate objects from the outside world: rather to let those objects make an internal impression.. The artist’s duty is then to allow the impressions to reflect on canvas.”  — Lauren Harris 

This body of work is a dedication to the alchemical relationship between humans and nature.

Lauren Harris was born in South Africa amidst the immense social transformation of Apartheid. Her country has left a rich imprint of diversity on her work.
She worked as a Curator, Gallery Director and Picture Editor for a decade and has honed an eye for beauty in the unexpected. Among the many shows curated, she was selected as the sole juror  for the “Primarily Red” exhibition at Hui No’eau in 2009.
Reflecting her own artwork, Harris was selected for juried  exhibition of “Up and coming South African Artists" in London,
and has since exhibited internationally, in Cape Town, San Francisco, Aspen and on Maui. Her works deal primarily with movement between worlds, reflecting timelessness.

Select Exhibitions

2009   Selected Artist, Aspen, CO, USA.
    Represented Artist, Maui Hands Gallery, HI, USA.

2008   Represented Artist, Maui Hands Gallery, HI, USA.

            An Enigmatic Civilization, Haiku Town Centre, HI, USA.

2007   Living Fossils, LiveWire Cafe, HI, USA.

            War and Peace, Elan Vital Gallery, HI, USA.
2006   Sweet Suffering, Marc Aurel’s, Wailuku, HI, USA.

            Sacred Feminine, Marc Aurel’s, Wailuku, HI, USA

            In Flight, Livewire Cafe, HI, USA

            Natural Changes, Mark Aurel’s, Wailuku, HI, USA.

            28th Annual Juried Exhibition, Schaefer International Fine Art Gallery, HI, USA

            Signs of the Times, Cafe Morning Due, Solo Exhibition, San Francisco. CA, USA

2005   Rapture,Villa Tamarinda Art Sanctuary, Kaupo, HI, USA

            From Stone to Star,Villa Tamarinda Art Sanctuary, Kaupo, HI, USA

            On the Edge,Villa Tamarinda Art Sanctuary, Kaupo, HI, USA

            Aina, LiveWire Cafe, Paia, HI, USA
2002   Invitational Emerging South African Artists, London, United Kingdom
    Juried Exhibition, AVA Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

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