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"It's a symbiotic relationship", says Harris. "Tea informs the design process, it inspires fresh perspective. There's an available sensory acuity in both tea and design".  

UX Designer & Researcher  |  fancy-pants tea drinker

UX Designer & Researcher  |  fancy-pants tea drinker

Tea Water Designs is a design studio in Portland, OR that was born out of a decade in visual communications and keen sensory honing. The boutique studio covers a wide range of visual capabilities, working with creatives,
non-profits, start-ups and the sustainability sector. 

After a decade as a curator and gallery director, Lauren Harris returned to her first love: design and founded Tea Water Designs. Along the way she qualified as a tea sommelier and is always accompanied by a cup of finely-crafted artisanal tea.



• UX Design and UX Research

• Brand & Identity Design
• Layout Design
• Art Direction

• Environmental Design

• Front-end Web Design

• Production

• Photo Editing, Culling, Archiving
• Curation
• Digital Promotion and Design

• Creative Management


As part of our mission to foster creative expression and community, we support Earth Child Project in their mission to empower underprivileged children in South Africa.

Tea Ceremony

The name TeaWater Designs is an ode to the art of tea. "Tea was something that I grew up with, it brought family and friends together, so I have many old, fond memories of tea time."  The simple act of slowing down for one's favorite daily beverage inspires creative perspective. 

Lauren continues her own practice of tea ceremony, which marries tea and zen. 
She offers silent tea ceremonies for small groups by reservation only.

Please contact for more details.  


We proudly work with the following businesses: 

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